Garage Door Safety and Security: A Guide for Homeowners

10 Tips to Increase Garage Door Safety and Security

If you’re like most North Jersey homeowners, you sometimes wonder if you’ve done all you can to secure your home. If you have children, are they safe? When it comes to garage door safety and security, there are several ways to ensure your home, valuables, and loved ones are properly cared for. 

And that’s what our Garage Door Experts NJ team is sharing with you today. Discover ten simple ways to increase garage door safety and security near Hawthorne, NJ, Allendale, NJ, and our other service areas nearby!

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Smart Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers over ten years old are not equipped with modern safety and security features. New models come with rolling code technology, Wifi connectivity, access control features, and instant diagnostics that add convenience and peace of mind.

If you want to learn more about garage door opener installation, check out our available products and schedule a quote in the North Jersey area. 

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2. Use security cameras inside and outside your garage.

Security cameras are an excellent option for increasing garage door safety and security. Some newer garage door openers even come with camera integrations, such as the LiftMaster SecureView Series. Openers in this series come with monitoring capabilities plus 2-way audio.

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3. Install motion-activated lighting.

Potential intruders rely on the cover of darkness, so shedding light on your garage door with motion-activated lighting will help prevent unauthorized access.

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4. Keep your garage door remote hidden.

Gone are the days when people didn’t need to think twice about leaving their garage door remotes clipped onto their visors in clear sight. Think of a visible garage door remote as an open invitation to your home. All it takes is one broken car window for someone to have easy access to your home. 

Instead, consider using a keychain remote, carrying your remote with you as you come and go, or investing in a built-in remote system such as HomeLink.

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5. Schedule routine garage door maintenance.

Annual garage door maintenance includes a total garage door system inspection by one of our trained technicians. This preventative service will alert you of any structural damage that could impact your door’s ability to keep your home secure and issues that could lead to potential safety risks.

If parts are broken, worn down, or nearing the end of their life cycle, our team can perform quick and thorough garage door repair to keep your doors operating smoothly and improve your home’s garage door safety and security. 

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6. Install a garage door shield around your emergency release mechanism.

Accessing a garage by pushing the top panel forward and connecting a wire hanger to the emergency release mechanism is a fairly common method used by criminals to break into homes. There are a variety of shields that block outsiders from catching hold of the release mechanism, automatically increasing garage door safety and security.

Pro tip: Do not use a zip tie to block your garage door opener’s emergency cord access! This cord needs to be easily accessible, and in the worst-case scenario of a pet or child getting stuck under the garage door, cutting a zip tie wastes precious time. 

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7. Close your garage door when it’s not in use.

Make it a habit to close your garage door when you’re not in the immediate vicinity. It’s common to get sidetracked as you enter or exit your garage, but an open garage door with no owner in sight is dangerous.

This is where upgraded garage door openers play a role in enhancing your home’s garage door safety and security. With on-the-go smartphone access, you can close (and open) your garage door from anywhere! 

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8. Trim bushes and landscaping near your garage.

Another easy-to-follow tip is to minimize the number of bushes and large plants near your garage. Keep your landscaping trimmed near the garage so there’s nowhere for would-be intruders to hide! 

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9. Test your garage door’s safety sensors regularly.

Keep your garage door safety sensors clean of debris and dirt. Use the remote or wall switch to begin closing the garage door and place an object in the door’s path. Your garage door should stop automatically and reverse directions. Try this multiple times to ensure the sensors are properly aligned and recognize the obstructions. If you need help realigning your safety sensors, don’t hesitate to contact Garage Door Experts NJ

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10. Educate your children about garage door safety and security.

Our number one goal in discussing garage door safety and security is to protect what’s most valuable: you and your family! Teaching your children how to operate and act around garage doors is the best way to keep them safe and avoid injuries or accidents. 

Teach children: 

  • The garage door remote is not a toy
  • How to properly use the remote or wall switch
  • What the auto-reverse function is for, and how it works
  • Where it’s safe to play— well inside the garage or in the driveway, yard, etc.
  • Not to touch the tracks, rollers, cables, etc.
  • To never walk or run under a moving garage door

Have More Garage Door Safety and Security Questions?

Garage Door Safety and Security

Do you have additional questions about garage door safety and security, or need more details about the tips given here? We welcome your questions! 

At Garage Door Experts NJ, our team is dedicated to educating our valued customers about garage door safety and security and providing garage door services to ensure optimum garage door performance. Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

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