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Our Garage Door Maintenance Package Plan

If you have a garage door, you’re going to need maintenance. Your garage door can’t keep running smoothly without a little help now and then.

That’s why we’ve decided to make it easier for you! Here at Garage Door Experts NJ, we want to provide an option for homeowners to get the best deal and the best maintenance. Our garage door maintenance package plan in Hawthorne, NJ is just the thing for you! Contact us to learn more and to get started.

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What Happens When You Book Garage Door Maintenance?

When our team comes over to perform garage door maintenance, we take a thorough look at your garage door and opener. Here are a few things you can expect when we come to tune up your garage door.

  • We’ll tighten your springs and cables.
  • We’ll lubricate all your parts.
  • We’ll perform a door balance test.
  • We’ll check your safety sensors, remotes, and keypads.
  • We’ll inspect your system to make sure nothing needs repairs.

By the time we’re finished, your garage door will be tuned up, lubricated, and ready to work hard for another year. Contact us to get started with your maintenance package plan.

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The Benefits of Garage Door Maintenance

That’s all great, but what are the actual benefits of having garage door maintenance? There are quite a few!

Garage Door Maintenance Package Plan

Longer Lifespan

With regular, annual maintenance, your garage door will last longer! All of the various parts of the garage door system will be regularly tightened and lubricated so they’re less likely to break before their time. With maintenance, you can get several more years out of your door, opener, and all their parts.

Fewer Repairs

By having your garage door checked once a year, anything that could break will be spotted early on. The odds of you having to get a garage door repair in between visits lowers dramatically.

More Cost-Efficient

Because you’ll need fewer repairs, you won’t have to worry about the costs of those repairs! And, any minor repairs that you do need won’t be as expensive as a massive breakage that could happen without maintenance.

Contact Us for a Garage Door Maintenance Package Plan

Sound like a good deal? Let’s get started by signing you up for a maintenance package plan. Simply contact us to get started! We’ll walk you through what the plan entails and get your first maintenance appointment underway! Don’t wait until you need costly repairs; call us today!

What if I need a garage door repair after already getting my annual inspection?

Don’t worry! Part of our maintenance package plan includes a 20% discount for any repairs needed in between your annual visits. You can even stack other discounts on this!

Is once a year enough for garage door maintenance?

Yes, once a year should be just fine for regular maintenance. Twice a year is another great option if you want to keep your door running for even longer!

When is the best time for garage door maintenance?

We recommend maintenance in either the spring or fall before the drastic temperatures of the summer and winter. This will set your door up for the best success for the season.

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