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Reliable Garage Door Repair in Bloomingdale, NJ

It can be difficult to find a reliable garage door company in the Bloomingdale, NJ area. There are scam companies, huge enterprises that don’t know the area or care about the community, and just plain bad companies.

Garage Door Experts NJ is the solution! We’re a locally owned and operated company that provides garage door repair in Bloomingdale, NJ. Based out of Hawthorne, NJ, we know the area well and have strong community ties. You can rely on us to perform the job right—we are the experts after all!

If you need garage door repair in Bloomingdale, NJ, contact us! We’ll be at your house in no time to fix the issue and get you back to your day. We’re ready to come to your aid the moment you call us for garage door services.

Our Garage Door Services

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Local Garage Door Opener Repair

Sometimes, the issue with your garage door is actually with your garage door opener. The good news is that if your opener is broken, you can disconnect it from your garage door so that you can still get in and out. Simply pull the red or orange cord that hangs down to disengage the garage door opener.

Give our technicians a call when you need garage door opener repair. We’ll examine your garage door opener, determine what the problem is, and fix the issue.

Garage Door Repair in Bloomingdale, NJ

Signs You Need a Garage Door Opener Repair

  • Your garage door opener makes a grinding noise when operating.
  • Your garage door opens very slowly.
  • Your garage door is stuck.
  • Your garage door opener is over ten years old.
  • Your garage door opener is extremely loud.

Contact us for a garage door repair in Bloomingdale, NJ when your garage door opener is acting up. We’ll have it working like new!

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Experienced Garage Door Spring Replacement

A frequent garage door repair in Bloomingdale, NJ that we see is a garage door spring door replacement. The springs hold a lot of tension in their coils. This is what allows you to raise and lower your garage door—even by hand!

When a coil snaps, it can cause your garage door to slam shut, get stuck, or not open at all. A broken spring can be dangerous, so leave all repairs to the professionals! You’ll know your springs are broken if you hear a loud snap or see gaps in the coils. When that happens, don’t use your garage door! Call us right away for a garage door spring replacement in Bloomingdale, NJ!

Contact Us for Garage Door Repairs

Are you ready for a garage door repair in Bloomingdale, NJ? Let’s get started! Simply contact us to schedule an appointment today, and we’ll be there! We can’t wait to fix your garage door!

Do I need to replace both springs at the same time?

We recommend getting both springs replaced together for a few reasons. One is that your springs were likely installed together, so if one breaks, the other is not far behind. Another reason is that it will save you the cost of another service call. Just get it all done at once! And finally, you won’t have to remember how far apart they were each replaced in the future. You’ll always know they were done together!

How often do I need a garage door repair in Bloomingdale, NJ?

You can always contact us when you need a garage door repair in Bloomingdale, NJ. In addition, we recommend yearly maintenance appointments to keep your door in its best shape.

How long do garage door springs last?

Most garage door springs are rated for 10,000 cycles, which is one full opening and closing. So, depending on how often you use your garage door, your springs could last 10-12 years.

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